Visulahti Business Park for Data Centers, Mikkeli

Mikkeli is a vibrant city of approximately 55,000 inhabitants. It´s located between two major inland water systems, Vuoksi and Kymijoki.

The water systems has created around themselves indusrial investments and therefore also highly professional cluster of suppliers and subcontractos experienced to serve any type of industry in demanding new projects as well as in maintenance and repair projects.

Available power and power extencion capacity is simply superb with well over 500 MW of power if required. Also the possibility of connecting straight into the Fingrids national grid substation is a big advantage. 

Mikkeli polytechnic, tradeschool and other educational units can provide sufficient amount of skillful labor for the DC when it´s in operation. 

City officials are rady to support and addvice the contractors involved in the project to make sure all permits and documentation are in order. 

Address: Huusharjuntie 37, 50180 Mikkeli, Finland
Coordinates: 61.715456, 27.338468
Owned by: 

Technical details

Building right / [m2] (marked as site 72 in map)

39 114.00

Building right can be extended up to / [m2]

43 025.00

Site area / [m2]

79 114.00

Design rules and regulations

EN and national standards and regulations apply. Deviations possible when discussed and approved with the officials.

Pre-approval of construction and environment permits, fire and rescue plan

Negotiations initiated

Site shape

Polygonal, closest is rectangular shape

Notes on site topography

Relatively levelled ground. Easy to deforest and to start building process.

Prevailing wind directions

N 8 % : NE 5 % : E 7% :  SE 17% : S 19% : SW 13% : W 11% : NW 16%

If yes, distance to water source / [meters]

1 500.00

Notes on cooling options

Direct Air cooling, air cooling with Cooling towers

Current access to the site

One road

Notes on current and planned access to the site

Open for design

Emergency vehicle accessibility

Access at the moment the to area are via roads number 72 and 5.

Distance to nearest international airport / [km]


Distance to nearest fire & rescue station / [km]


Distance to nearest police station / [km]


Distance to nearest hospital or health care center / [km]


Availability of public transportation

Train station 5 km away, bus stops within walking distance from the site. 

Commitment of local utility companies

Negotiations initiated

Water utilities on site

Potable water supply available

District heating network

District heating available

Distance to district heating network / [km]


Amount of diverse connections

3 or more

Connectivity supplier(s) to provide diverse connectivity

Elisa Oyj
Sonera Oyj

Arrangement of connection diversity
  • Connectivity perspective Visulahti DC area is on really good position
  • The local providers who has best local infrastructure is TeliaSonera
  • Cinia, Elisa, FNE and Teknomeria has backbone connectivity to Mikkeli city
Dark fiber on the site

Dark fiber not available

Lead time for minimum of two connections / [months]


Distances to local internet exchange points (ix) in finland

230 km. Radiokatu 5, Helsinki

Describe different cable routes from the site to key directions in and from finland

Route Visulahti DC – Frankfurt

  • Mikkeli – Kouvola burried next to railway
  • Kouvola – Pernaja buried cable next to road number 6
  • Pernaja – Helsinki buried cable next to road number 170
  • Helsinki – Rostock via C-Lion1
  • Rostock – Frankfurt via Gasline fiber route
  • RTD estimation 22,7ms

Route Visulahti DC – Hamburg

Route Visulahti DC – Rostock

  • Mikkeli – Pieksämäki – Jyväskylä – Tampere – Toijala – Turku cable next to railway
  • Turku – Lokalahti cable next to road number 192 and 194
  • Turku – Maarianhamn – Ålmsta via seacable
  • Ålmsta – Stockholm buried cable next to road 283, 280 and 76
  • Stockholm – AlstaSjo – Västeros – Köping – Frövi – Örebron - Götteborg buried cable next to road
  • Götteborg to Hamburg buried cable next to road
  • RTD estimation 21,7 ms


  • OPGW route Mikkeli – Ylikkälä – Vyburg
  • Mikkeli – Savitaipale – Lappeenranta – Vainikkala – Buzlovskaya
  • Mikkeli – Kouvola – Lappeenranta – Vaalimaa
  • RTD estimation to Moscow 13,4 ms
Notes on local ecosystem


Availability of skilled laborforce


Higher education resources


Type of ground

Gravel and bedrock coverd with a thin layer of organic soil

Levelling of plot

Plot is partly construction ready / levelled

Type of forestry (if plot not levelled)

Typical softwood type forest 

Layout plan of datacenter building(s)

Preliminary plan exits

Local green energy


Details on local green energy (suppliers)

Etelä-Savon Energia

Suursavon Sähkö

Local electricity supplier(s)

Suursavon Sähkö
Etelä-Savon Sähkö

First phase electricity power supply (in 18 months or sooner)

7-10 MW

First phase power supply to the site

0 - 18 months

First phase electrical feed to the site

20 kV

First phase redundancy power availability

Available (same as first phase main power feed)

What is needed to realize total power supply?
  • Two new 20 kV cables
  • New 110 kV line from Visulahti
  • 110 kV powertrafo
  • 110 kV switchyard
  • New 110 kV line from Visulahti
  • 110 kV powertrafos
  • 110 kV switchyard extensions
  • 400/110 kV switchyard extension
  • 400/110 kV powertrafo
Lead time for total power supply to the site / [months]


Redundancy power availability

Available (same as total main power feed)

Distance to 20 kv power connection point / [km]


Distance to 110 kv power connection point / [km]


Distance to redundancy power connection point / [km]


Distance to local grid substation, 110 kv / [km]


Distance to national grid substation, 400 kv / 110 kv / [km]


Investment incentives


Natural risks

No natural risks

Person(s) responsible for provided information

Juha Kauppinen (CEO / Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd.)
📞 | +385 440 361 616
@ |

Person(s) provided this information

Antti Laine (DC Construction, EHS and Sustainability consultant / CTS Engtec Oy)


For sale
For lease

Site address

Huusharjuntie 37, 50180 Mikkeli, Finland

Opportunities to utilize waste heat

Residential areas close by that could make use of the heat. 

Distance to delivery point / [km]